About Us

We strive to get the best flavor possible so we use quality ingredients and take great care in our process.

  • All bagels start with a two stage fermentation process.
  • They are hand rolled, boiled and baked.

A Labor of Love

I was in the business world for many years as a purchasing and contract manager. I strived to save companies time and money with improved processes and negotiated pricing agreements. I enjoyed it for many years but not necessarily in problem solving and negotiations but in something that held a greater value and produced a lasting result.

I loved my staff and co-worker. I tried to take advantage of every holiday to impart value and encourage those around me. At times it was challenging but I was determined to brighten the day and make it count. I am a natural gift giver (it may be my love language) so holidays were fun. My goal was to encourage each person with love and confidence so they would dare to dream big and reach their goals. To go up and beyond to serve each person so they knew how important, unique and strong they are. I did this by making all types of treats, food and goodies. I would decorate their work spaces and shower them with encouragement while walking to each work station serving them from a decorated food cart.

Fast forward to 2021 and here I am decorating a pop up tent at farmers markets trying to create an environment that is warm and welcoming. Regardless of what products I may offer, my desire is for every person to feel valued and my hope is that they know the uniqueness only they possess.
So enjoy a great bagel or decorated cookie and with every bite know it was made with you in mind.

Be blessed and share the joy!

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